What Clients Say About Their Epic Life Experience

Renee Dominguez
I was excited to be led for 4 days at a spiritual retreat in Sedona by Esther. She led the group in body activation, SOMA breathwork, and yoga. I can personally say that what she brought to the group took the retreat to a new level. Her attention to detail with each person, her care, and joy for what she does was very contagious. She brings fun and dance to everything she does, and i highly recommend her if you are looking for a deeper relationship with yourself.
Renee DominguezFounder - CEOEmpowered LeadHERship
Zac Quinlan

Esther has coached me over the past year in both a professional and personal capacity. Anyone who has worked alongside Esther knows that she is pragmatic, intuitive, grounded, warm, intelligent and takes a horizon view approach to every scenario. Whether it be problem-solving, goal-oriented, or personal identification/awareness, she has helped me profoundly with every subject I bring to the table. I know that whomever Esther is working with will receive the positivity, support and guidance that they require. with her in the future!

Zac QuinlanMedia DirectorMontana Steele
Elle Croxford
I wholeheartedly endorse Esther Willinger and her Epic Life coaching program to those who want to maximise opportunities for growth both personally and professionally. Esther's super power is her ability to inspire and help others balance and prioritise growth in all areas of life.
Elle CroxfordWriter / ProducerISEEC Entertainment
Joanne Mouyal

Having recently attended the epic intuition workshop, I felt the need to share on what an incredible experience it was. Something magical happened for me. I rediscovered who I am and how much I missed that person. This is just the start of my journey, but I am so excited to learn more……about me! I encourage everyone to try and see what I simply can’t describe in words. I went outside of my box, and I am so happy (and proud) that I did this. This was the best kind of different. I am so excited for the next workshop! Thank you so much!!!

Joanne Mouyal
Alison Rosen

Esther led several SOMA Breathwork classes at a retreat I attended in Sedona, AZ.

Although I have practiced breathwork, I hadn't ever practiced SOMA prior to the three days I spent with her, and now wish I could take her magic home with me.

She practices what she teaches and her breathwork will blow your mind. It is equally activating and calming.

She will help guide you through and get in touch with your energy source and assist you in creating true mind/body harmony.

Could not recommend her more. I can see her helping you personally as well as facilitating corporate events for organization mindset shifts.
Book her! You wont regret it.

Alison RosenTerritory Sales ManagerJane Iredale Cosmetics
Romy Hahn

Life is about continually evolving, growing and learning. 

Esther has her hand on the pulse and can intuitively and accurately assess your situation and she brings a fresh perspective and practical recommendations and solutions to bring clarity to anyone's path. I'm very grateful for our work together and I highly recommend Esther.

Romy HahnAcorn | Print Production
Amanda Barbagallo
After just a weekend of SOMA breathwork with Esther, I feel like I can breathe deeper, think clearer, and dream bigger.

Never having done SOMA Breath before, it was a truly special experience to cultivate a mind and body connection- stimulating thoughts of freedom, creativity, and inner peace. Esther is a woman of many talents, radiating positivity and energy into her classes which support mindfulness, empowerment, and leadership.

In addition to SOMA Breathwork, she also led us through yoga, and shared her Epic Life Planner with us- which is extremely well thought out and perfect for mindset, goal-setting, and productivity.

I would highly recommend Esther / Epic Life for a one-on-one or your next retreat!
Amanda BarbagalloMarketing StrategistAtlas
Jessica Zandvliet
Esther has truly made me fall in love with Soma Breath 🙏💕 It is my new favorite breathing healing technique. In the first session I did with her, I had a pretty sharp stomach pain, and by the end of the session my whole body felt amazing and full of energy. I could not believe how the pain was completely gone. Her teaching method is so sweet and powerful, making me feel taken care of and safe. Esther has such a positive and fun aura that it feels like you are playing while you are healing. Anyone and everyone could benefit from her transformational modalities 🙏💕

Thank you Esther for all that you do!
Jessica Zandvliet
Hayley Creasey
I got the incredible privilege of attending a Spiritual Retreat that Esther helped facilitate in Sedona, AZ. I truly can’t speak enough about Esther’s SOMA breathwork workshops and meditations I experienced while on the retreat. It helped activate so much clarity in my life and her knowledge of the power of breathwork is a tool I will be able to carry with me well beyond the weekend retreat. She is a very grounding presence and her stepping into her calling in this field is a force of energy that I will never forget. She even went a step ahead and provided a daily/90 day success and habit tracker that simplifies practicing gratitude and reaching your goals that has helped me make progress in all areas of my life. I loved meeting Esther and hope to cross paths with her soon!
Hayley Creasey
Patty Lowry
Open-minded and open-hearted - Esther has an innate ability to listen with care, inspired by a strong conviction to deliver positive solutions. Her work ethic is friendly and dedicated, she can manage a multitude of unique personalities and projects with the attitude that no task is out of her reach.
Patty LowrySenior CopywriterMontana Steele
Debbie Osiel-Paris
Within the first few sessions of working with Esther, my outlook had changed, in particular my strategy with regards to making decisions. Esther communicates in a way that has helped me deal with situations using my own knowledge and self-awareness.

She enlightens me with a new perspective on things, by talking things through. She doesn’t make decisions for me, she helps me realize them on my own. I also appreciate how she gives you her undivided attention and truly empowers you with her positive energy and attitude.
Debbie Osiel-ParisBusiness Development
Dylan Jones
Esther was a pleasure to work with. She brought a unification to the agency that was needed to help it continue to evolve healthily together and she implemented critical tools that were essential for its growth in the fast moving environment we worked in. Her ability to listen, take in small bits of information, and translate that information into finding great talent, finding solutions, and restructuring inter-department communications for the better was fantastic. She was always a positive force to be around and excellent listener/communicator. I hope we get to work together again some day!
Dylan JonesFilm Maker
Richard Ople
I've had the wonderful opportunity to work along side Esther with two different companies. She's collaborative, intelligent, thoughtful, trustworthy and is always setting the bar high for herself and the people she works with. She is a true leader, motivator and trailblazer that constantly pushes forward with any challenge and endeavour. I look forward to collaborating with her in the future!
Richard OpleSenior UX DesignerMontana Steele
Aayush Ved Chopra

Over the last few months, Esther has been very helpful and acted as a mentor, guiding me through personal and professional growth. I highly recommend her coaching consultations.

Aayush Ved ChopraBrand Strategist
Claudia Shulman
I had the pleasure to attend Esther Willinger's SOMA Breath workshops and experienced the benefits of her wonderful program. I highly recommend Esther's Breath workshops to any person, team or company who is looking to improve their productivity and build stronger teams through connecting, motivating and inspiring sessions. Thank you Esther for your positive and energizing program!
Claudia ShulmanPresident & CEOSensational Learners
Mila Nassimova

The first time I attended Esther's SOMA Breath workshop I didn't know what to expect. I had back pain all day and wasn't in the mood to attend, but I tried it anyway. My back pain was gone by the end of the session and I felt more energized and happy. The second session left me feeling a sense of peace and serenity.

Now that I've experienced these feelings, I'm looking forward to continuing this practice. Esther guides the group in a way that makes us all feel comfortable, relaxed, included and inspired. So grateful I had this experience.

Mila NassimovaReal Estate AgentHarvey Kalles
Claire Benatar

Esther Willinger is an incredible Soma Breath coach! Her soothing and peaceful manner instantly brings light and peace into your life.

I never thought I could focus and get into it but she has that special touch and left me thirsty for more after the few sessions we had together!

She is definitely a natural. I cannot wait to do it again and again! I so need this in my life.

Thank you Esther for being a shining star! You are amazing at what you do.

Claire BenatarDirectorSchwartz/Reisman Centre Daycare & Preschool
Arlene Moshe
I recently experienced a SOMA breath work session facilitated by Esther and it was such an enjoyable, rejuvenated and unique experience! With her passion for wellness and this technique I highly recommend contacting Esther for more information on her offerings.
Arlene MosheCreator & FounderOpeningIntuition.com
Stephanie Bensimon

I recently participated in Esther’s 3 day personal development and SOMA breath workshop. It was an incredible experience. I was blown away by the experience I had during the breath work. It was calming, relaxing, and brought me back to a version of myself that was being taken over by stress and worry. I found the content of the workshop to be powerful, transformative, and impactful. Esther is knowledgeable and passionate about her work and it radiates through her smile and her energy. Thank you Esther for the experience and knowledge I took home with me after an impactful 3 days!!! You are awesome!!!

Stephanie BensimonLife Coach | Author | Artist | Speaker
Nina Benbihy

I have taken some of Esther's breath workshops and all I can say is that it was the next level of relaxation, calming, and de-stress. She taught us how to allow freedom, and let our body take control. I highly recommend Esther. She is a great and positive instructor. Can't wait to resume again.

Nina BenbihyCourt ReporterYork Region Court Services
Joyce Kadoch
I have had 5 sessions with Esther so far and can’t wait to do more. Each had a different life lesson to relate to. Esther’s energy is so contagious to be around. The Soma Breathwork was new for me and better than any yoga class I have ever been to. I left each session feeling energized, relaxed and high on life. You won’t be disappointed if you contact her to do a personal session or a group session.
Joyce KadochKindergarden TeacherNetivot HaTorah
Dr. Jennifer Fink MD
I have participated in Esther's workshops and have loved the experience each time. Each one has been fun and energizing as well as really relaxing and grounding all-in-one. The breath work is very powerful and something I want to keep developing overtime. Esther's guidance through the process is just perfect.
Dr. Jennifer Fink MD
Rachel Megidish
I attended a few breath work sessions with Esther and they are amazing. Each one is a different experience, and I left feeling calm and relaxed every time. Can’t wait for the next class!
Rachel Megidish
Carol Green

This was such an amazing experience. Esther's warmth and vitality showed through every session. She radiates positivity which then fueled that for our sessions. When we finished our sessions, we felt less stressed, more energized.

I'm so thankful I had the opportunity for these health and wellness sessions.

Carol GreenTeacherNetivot HaTorah
Franz Garsula
I joined the SOMA Breath Experience that Esther facilitated and I felt really relaxed while the energy in my body was surging with life. In the part when we were lying down and doing breath holds, I have several visions and was sent to some sort of dream like state where I can get a glimpse of what I moving towards too and manifesting in my life. I appreciate you so much Esther for holding space for us in the session. Thanks a lot!
Franz Garsula
Dina Azulay
I took a class with Esther and she was beyond incredible!!!! She is so talented. Esther has a very soothing voice, speaks and guides you really well! If you want to experience a phenomenal class, I suggest you attend Esther’s classes!
Dina Azulay
Sandy Brudner

Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to attend Esther's 3 day Epic Life Workshop. Esther's enthusiasm and energy are contagious. The Workshop and Soma Breathwork sessions left me feeling inspired and energized, while also instilling in me a newfound determination to achieve my goals. I came away from the workshop with many valuable insights, but one particular piece of advice from Esther continues to resonate within me: "Embrace discomfort, it is within those moments that true transformation happens." Thank you Esther!

Sandy BrudnerInterior DesignerSandy B Interiors
Nadia Bacchus
I've attended 3 of Esther's workshops. They have all been fantastic. Her latest 3-day workshop was Epic! Her enthusiasm and warmth is infectious. You'll leave revitalized and ready to manifest your dreams!
Nadia Bacchus
Jody Bresgi

After a hectic day, I feel so grateful that I attended Esther’s breathwork session. Prior to the session, I felt rushed, busy, stressed. But by the end of the session I felt calm, relaxed, peaceful and happy.

It definitely shifted my energy and focus. It was truly a heart-opening experience.

It was also great to meet other like-minded soul-centred individuals, all on a journey of healing and personal growth.

I look forward to more and thank you for the beautiful experience. xo

Jody Bresgi
Alexandra Shvarts

Esther is one of the best coaches and guidance I’ve been involved with. Her groups feel like growth. She feels safe to talk to , she’s absolutely supportive and I felt absolutely free of stress and trauma after her group. I highly recommend Esther to be your transformational guide and encourage women to take this service as it is life transforming.

Alexandra Shvarts
Nicole Spivak

I did not know how powerful SOMA breathwork is until I met Esther. I have now participated in 8 breathwork sessions with Esther and the transformation is palpable. Learning breathwork with Esther and joining her workshop has been one of the most important, transformative experiences I have experienced in my life. If you are looking to experience inner change and growth, whether it is 1:1 or in a group setting - do not hesitate. Esther is the person!! Thank you so much for everything.

Nicole Spivak
Sheryl Mechali

Working with Esther has brought me to a place I never imagined being in. Over the last 6 weeks I feel more connected to myself than I ever thought was possible. I've become stronger, happier and almost feel peaceful. She's helped guide me to see and feel that it is possible to remove the pain I've been storing for so long with my past relationship and life in general and that has allowed me to really flourish and be my true authentic self in my present relationship as well with my children. Trying something new isn't something that is easy to jump into and it was something I was unsure about but I'm so grateful that I did.

Sheryl Mechali
Behnaz B

My experience doing SOMA Breath has been so wonderful. I appreciate these sessions so much. I've found a new profound way of connecting and finding safety within myself. I feel held and seen by Esther and I love her compassionate approach to going about the sessions. I don't want them to end!

Behnaz B
Dorit Palvanov

Love everything about Esther and her approach to healing the nervous system through breath. I come back to my day-to-day refreshed, renewed and always with new perspectives. This practice helps me get outside the box on a weekly basis. Thanks for choosing to do this work. I'll follow you wherever you go!

Dorit PalvanovCo-Founder & Project ManagerShop Innovator
Tracy Seider

My Breathwork experience with Esther was incredible! This was my first full Breathwork session, and it exceeded my expectations. Esther is a highly skilled instructor and her passion is contagious. I left the session feeling energized, yet rested and grounded, and I slept soundly that night for the first time in ages. The most unexpected benefit was that on waking, my neck tension and Achilles tendon pain was GONE! I have drunk the Breathwork Kool Aid and hope to continue joining Esther's sessions. I highly recommend you do too!!!

Tracy SeiderCreator of The Reshape Method